Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment

Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment

Never let your profits slip away!

Our automatic billing and payment system is here to give you a foolproof payment managing system that protects your profits the right way.

  • Never let your profits slip away: are you running a huge business and cant personally collect payments from your members? Worry no more. Black Belt Membership Software is here to solve this issue as well. Using this software, you can set up your automatic billing functionality. Simply tell the Black Belt Membership Software about how many days you want to process the billing before the due date of the payment. Save this information and leave the rest to the software!

  • Black Belt will, on its own, generate invoices and will email them to your customers upon the arrival of the appointed date. You will get notified through an email about the customers who have been sent the invoice. Black Belt doesn't stop there as well! It will automatically charge the credit cards or ACH/EFT of those customers who have been set to Autopay previously. Say a farewell to manual processes of billing and get the advantage of automation all set in Black Belt software. All this is done by Black Belt's auto-billing and Merchant Feature.

  • Family Statement: are your members requesting a copy of their latest outstanding balance? Just print it right at the spot or send them through an email using Black Belt software in easy to follow steps.

  • Automatic Collections Email

    Keep track of what is owed and how long it is past due through the Collections feature of the Black Belt system. You can see balances due to transactions that are past due by Days.


    Letters: through Black Belt, you can send out emails or print out reminders written in a friendly tone. Through this System, you can send collection letters easily as well.

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